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Antivirus Software Test Antivirus software may be the most important software you’ll download for your computer. AV-Software.com is an independent organization. We have one goal, and thats to help you find the best internet security software for your PC. Millions of people like yourself throughout the globe struggle to find the right security program to protect their computers. We understand this is a serious problem and thats the reason weve set up this site to help you make an informed decision when you purchase. AV-Software.com aggregates test results from the most reputable independent antivirus testing labs. We have listed all the major products and weve ranked them on their security performance and effectiveness at removing online threats.

We do not change the conclusions one gathers from the tests. The results you see here are based on actual test results, but in some cases the scores are not on a 0 – 100 scale, and we have to normalize them. For example, AV-Test ranks antivirus software on a 0 – 6 scale, so we divide all the results by 6 and receive the score you see here..

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Last Updated: January 30, 2018

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Antivirus Lab Test Results - Home Anti-Malware (Apr 2018)

13 Antivirus Products | 100+ Lab Test Scores

Don’t forget that success today is not a guarantee of success tomorrow. It’s important to keep monitoring test results

Rank Antivirus product Protection Sort Performance
01 Bitdefender
02 Kaspersky
03 Norton
05 F-Secure
06 Avira
07 G Data
08 Emsisoft
09 Avast
10 AVG
11 McAfee
12 Ad-Aware
13 Microsoft


Table of contents:

Do I need Antivirus Software?

Using a computer without antivirus software is like going to battle with a shield but not a weapon. You may dodge, block and manoeuvre successfully for a while, but you’ll get killed eventually. The threats you’ll face as you use your PC are many and varied. Some you may have heard of like viruses, Trojans, spyware, worms etc. And others like keyloggers and rootkits you may not be familiar with, but are equally dangerous. Nevertheless, any of these threats could infect and harm your computer or even leave it open to other threats like hackers and phishing attacks. Many of these threats are spread online and it’s mostly on the web you’ll face danger. It could be the wrong download; a visit to a dodgy site; or opening an email attachment that could spell disaster for your PC.

And in many cases, your PC will be infected without your knowledge by a drive-by download. So the internet poses some serious threats which you can’t defeat without a security program. But malware threats aren’t only found on the web. Through external media like USB flash drives and external hard drives, you could easily pick up a Trojan. With a good antivirus program you will have the assurance that any device that is connected is scanned and any threats quarantined and removed. Without an antivirus program, an infected flash drive will infect your PC with little effort.

Which software is best for protection? Antivirus Software or Internet Security Package?

You have two options to purchasing security software protection: The first one is to buy antivirus software, a firewall, anti-spam software and antispyware, each separately. Some users may need antispyware software but not the other three. And this may be because they’ve already installed the other software and just need additional protection.

Another option you have, and one we recommend, is to purchase an internet security package. The reason for this is you get all the security software programs listed above in one package. So you won’t have to buy them individually and potentially spend over £100. Internet Security Suites are only a few Pounds more expensive than antivirus software or the other security programs. So you get a bargain for maximum protection.

The software programs we recommend are Bitdefender and Kaspersky. They’re two of the best security programs in the industry and have the best features and tools.

Do Antivirus Software Vendors Write the Viruses That Cause People To Buy?

This conspiracy theory has been floating around for a while now and refuses to go away. The thought that antivirus companies are the authors of virus threats is not a pleasant thought and it’s one they vehemently deny. But the issue hasn’t gone away and is compounded by the prevalence of fake antivirus software programs that mimic genuine programs. They look the same and have similar features and tools. And they promise to remove all the malware threats that genuine software programs are designed to remove. But in reality, they’re Trojan threats which harm your computer and steal your personal data.

Another theory is that antivirus vendors don’t have a real motive to do a good job of removing threats so that you buy their software. This may sound more plausible but is as ridiculous as the belief that vendors write viruses themselves. These ideas are as ridiculous as implying that your doctor or pharmacist tries to make you sick so they can sell you more prescriptions. And as crazy as these ideas are, there’s always someone willing to perpetuate them. Antivirus vendors pour millions of dollars each year into developing tools for fighting all forms of malware and hacker threats. These threats are created by criminals who use expert coding tools to make profit from cyber crime. And online crime and malicious software has taken many different forms and has developed into an extremely profitable commercial enterprise.

The Financial Mirror recently released a report on cybercrime which stated that it only takes $1,200 to become a cyber-crook. And antivirus manufacturers are in a constant battle with these threats. And they’ve hired thousands of dedicated men and women who try to anticipate criminals’ activities on a daily basis. There are now over 20 leading antivirus vendors globally, all competing to develop their programs to take first place in the industry. It’s only through fighting and defeating malware threats successfully that these programs receive recognition. So they’re in a constant battle to outdo each other in the fight against online threats. And end-users gain because they get to choose the best program for their needs. It’s certainly true that antivirus programs wouldn’t exist if there weren’t any viruses and worms. But that doesn’t mean antivirus firms hire people to write these malware threats.

Good and bad exist in all areas in life and there’s an abundance of people who enjoy nothing better than creating malicious code. And without a doubt if a money trail leading from antivirus companies to virus authors existed, the various law enforcement agencies would have discovered it by now.